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nora othic: farm-to-city

January 7 to February 4, 2023

Mule, oil on canvas, 30" x 36", $2,160

A self-proclaimed "Neo-Regionalist," Nora Othic continues to explore rural Missouri life with an emphasis on animal husbandry, Missouri State Farm champions, and textured landscapes.

Spring (Rose-Breasted Grosbeak)
Spring (Rose-Breasted Grosbeak), oil on canvas, 60" x 24", $2,880
Winter (Blue Jay)
Winter (Blue Jay), oil on canvas, 60" x 24", $2,880

"I try to make my work many-layered, both in meaning and technique. A drawing of a bull is just that, an exploration of the form of the actual animal, but it is also an experiment in color, line and composition, and a venture into the psychology of human-bovine relations. There is always an undercurrent of humor in my work. This may just be the fact that I'm depicting a heroic dachshund or an elegant swine, or it may be something more subtle, as in an improbable aqua sky," Nora explains.

Nora hails from Brookfield, Missouri, and studied at the University of Missouri - Columbia. She regularly shows in Manhattan, Kansas, Columbia, Missouri and Kansas City. She last showed in St. Louis in 2017 at Cathy Gregory.




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