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neighborhood affair: shaw artists group exhibition

June 4 - July 30, 2022

The multiple artists in this exhibition share two things in common: being residents of the Shaw neighborhood and being artists! They also create in multiple ways and mediums.

Ben Mudd, woodworking, at Cathy Gregory

Ben Mudd, Bandsaw Box 1, mixed hardwoods, SOLD

Michelle Mudd, drawings, at Cathy Gregory

Michelle Mudd, Mia, colored pencils on paper

Gwendolyn Moore, oil painting, at Cathy Gregory

Gwendolyn Moore, Lydia's Place, oil painting

Ben Mudd, photography, at Cathy Gregory

Ben Mudd, Morning Haze 1, photography

Janice Wiedmann, quilts, at Cathy Gregory

Janice Wiedmann, quilt

Chris Schott, paintings, at Cathy Gregory

Chris Schott, Little Paintings, acrylic

Greg Gobberdiel, posters, at Cathy Gregory

Greg Gobberdiel, Neighborhood posters, inkjet prints

Cathy Gobberdiel, ink and acrylic paint, at Cathy Gregory

Cathy Gobberdiel, Heron, ink and acrylic paint

Karen DeGuire, wood and paint, at Cathy Gregory

Karen DeGuire, Regal Mandala #65, wood and paint

Dilip Vishwanat, at Cathy Gregory

Dilip Vishwanat, India, photograph

Greg Gobberdiel, wood, found object, fasteners and paint, at Cathy Gregory

Greg Gobberdiel, Relics of Sainte Sardinas, wood, found objects, fasteners and acrylic paint

Janice Wiedmann, quilts, at Cathy Gregory

Janice Wiedmann, quilt

Gwendolyn Moore, oil painting, at Cathy Gregory

Gwendolyn Moore, oil painting

Crystal Goldkamp, ink and watercolor, at Cathy Gregory

Crystal Goldkamp, An Evening of Tunes, ink and watercolor

Bill Goldkamp, wood inlays, at Cathy Gregory

Bill Goldkamp, Three Trees, wood inlays

Ben Mudd at Cathy Gregory
Ben Mudd, Morning Haze 2, photograph

Ben Mudd: photography and woodworking

Benjamin Mudd received a bachelor’s in fine art photography from Truman State University. He works as a wedding and portrait photographer. His fine art photography focuses on the mundane and the overlooked. Noir scenes of late night street lights and the dimly lit unnoticed corners of everyday existence often capture his eye and imagination.

Benjamin trained in many media types from photography to drawing to ceramics, but has recently started with fine woodworking and is currently working on a collection of bandsaw boxes. These boxes are fun to make and often whimsical. The shapes of the boxes are only limited by one’s imagination.

Michelle Mudd at Cathy Gregory
Machelle Mudd, Nina, colored pencils

Machelle Mudd: drawings

Machelle Mudd, a St. Louis-based children’s portrait artist, has been formally trained in art and design. With a degree in Interior Design from Missouri State University Machelle worked as project architect and interior designer before opening a family childcare in her home. She now merges her passions by providing services to capture beloved little ones in colored pencil. Machelle may work from either a photo she takes during a local photo shoot with your child or from one of your own favorite photos. To get started with a free consultation, contact Machelle at or 314-699-6707.

Dilip Vishwanat at Cathy Gregory
Dilip Vishwanat, Eclipse, photograph

Dilip Vishwanat: photography

Dilip Vishwanat is a professional photographer and long-time resident of St. Louis. Born in Newcastle, England, and immigrating to the U.S. as a child, Dilip grew up in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, and attended the University of Minnesota. After graduation, Dilip moved to St. Louis to intern for the St. Louis Post Dispatch. He stayed in St. Louis after being hired by The Sporting News, where he worked for five years. Dilip made a career freelancing as an editorial, commercial, and sports photographer for Getty Images, ESPN The Magazine, The New York Times, and Sports Illustrated Magazine, to name a few. Dilip has an impressive resume of accolades, including: three published covers for Sports Illustrated Magazine; commissioned work shooting player portraits for Major League Baseball; traveling the country to cover NFL, NHL, and MLB games including six World Series, five Super Bowls, and five Stanley Cup finals. Also, accompanying the St. Louis Symphony during their European tour. Currently, Dilip is the staff photographer for the St. Louis Business Journal. He also freelances for the St. Louis Symphony, and Getty Images, covering all St. Louis Cardinals and Blues games. Dilip is a twelve-year resident of the Shaw Neighborhood, where he lives with his wife and three boys.

Janice Wiedmann at Cathy Gregory
Janice Wiedmann, qulited wall hanging

Janice Wiedmann: fiber art

A long-time quilter, Janice produces tightly designed and crafted quilts with geometric, storytelling and landscape motifs. They are colorful stylish works.

Chris Schott at Cathy Gregory
Chris Schott, Water Lilies (after Monet), acrylic

Chris Schott: painting

Chris is a graphic designer who maintains a habit of making personal artwork.

Gwendolyn Moore at Cathy Gregory
Gwendolyn Moore, Forest Park, oil on canvas

Gwendolyn Moore: painting

Gwendolyn Moore is a Shaw neighborhood resident, and has taken up en plein air painting. She has a background in landscape design and horticulture, plus has pursued visual art for many years. She has exhibited at the annual Historic Shaw Art Fair.

Karen DeGuire at Cathy Gregory
Karen DeGuire, Aqueous Madala #29 wood and paint

Karen DeGuire: mixed media

Starting as a traditional oil painter, new technologies spurred Karen to explore new ways of making. Her work includes digital design, laser cut sheets and meticulous painting and assembly. Her "mandala" designs are rooted in sacred geometry, nature, and architecture. "Everywhere I go, I see a mandala design in the making. I believe the ability for my mind to organize shapes and colors into universally pleasing motifs is one of my greatest strengths and I enjoy sharing it with others".

Cathy Gobberdiel, Kitchen Sill, ink and acrylic paint

Cathy Gobberdiel: drawing and painting

Cathy Gobberdiel received her B.A. and a teaching certificate from Webster University in 1980. She developed her own drawing company in 1986 and has drawn hundreds of homes, churches, businesses, cars, boats, pets in the ensuing years.

Crystal Goldkamp, Evening of Tunes, ink and watercolor

Crystal Goldkamp: drawing and watercolors

For as long as she can remember Crystal Goldkamp has been drawing and painting. Her interest in art continued throughout childhood into adulthood when she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree, worked as a graphic artist, and eventually focused on watercolor as her primary medium of choice.

Although certain pieces are executed in studio she often paints en plein air, during her travels as well as at home, where she finds inspiration in the local landscape and varied subject matter Saint Louis has to offer.

Greg Gobberdiel, neighborhood posters

Greg Gobberdiel: design and mixed media

Greg holds both a BFA and MA in fine arts, and has for over 30 years practiced graphic design. His fine art work includes a range of media, currently exploring mixed media work with found objects.




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