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Saint Louis, Missouri 63110


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landscapes: a group exhibition

December 8, 2018 to January 26, 2019

Terri Shay, Annie Scheumbauer, Charles Dana, Nancy Early, Nicole Dutton, Cathy Gobberdiel and Greg Gobberdiel.

A group exhibition in various media. Like a signature, these artists contribute their unique vision and style to the classic genre of landscapes. From subtle to vibrant their work expressively reflects our ancient fascination with our surroundings and the meaning we imbue upon it.

Exhibition continues until January 26, 2019

Annie Scheumbauer at Cathy Gregory

Annie Scheumbauer, Crusaders’ Road, Bionval, France, colored pencil, 30x24 inches

Charles Dana at Cathy Gregory

Charles Dana, Sunset on the Front Range, photograph

Terry Shay at Cathy Gregory

Terry Shay, Water Lilies, oil on canvas

Nancy Rice Early at Cathy Gregory

Nancy Early, Down on the Farm, acrylic painting

Nicole Dutton at Cathy Gregory

Nicole Dutton, Shaw Nature Reserve, encaustic on panel, 12x6 inches

Cathy Gobberdiel at Cathy Gregory

Cathy Gobberdiel, Japanese Garden, Missouri Botanical Garden, pen & ink with acrylic paint, 14x11 inches

Gregory Gobberdiel at Cathy Gregory

Greg Gobberdiel, Winter Sky - Big Sky, mixed media, 30x40 inches

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