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david werner: hammered steel

David Werner, Oni No. 2, steel sculpture

May 15 to June 26, 2015.
Opening reception Friday, May 15 from 6-9 pm.

David Werner of University City, Missouri is a recent graduate of Fontbonne University's metalsmithing program receiving his MFA in December 2014. He earlier received his BFA from Southern Illinois University - Carbondale with an emphasis in blacksmithing. His work encompasses traditional blacksmithing - cutlery, weapons, tools - and the use of traditional forms and techniques where he creates contemporary sculpture suggestive of tools and mechanical apparatus in elegant formation with one another. The strength of his work lies not just in his mastering the technique, but a vision of elegance informing the subtle beauty of a hand tool or sculpture, knife or broad axe. Even a basic smithing tool in raw steel appeals due to his aesthetic consideration for its form. The work has solid character - each piece with a story to tell and each visually fascinating.

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David Werner earned his MFA in Sculpture from Fontbonne University and has a BFA in Fine Arts for Metalsmithing from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. He began forging at the age of fourteen using found metal objects on his grandfather’s farm and from scrap yards, turning tractor leaf springs into antique-style, organic-inspired sculptures, knives, furniture and ornamental housewares. Today, David continues to work with found metal in addition to copper, silver, tool steel and a variety of wood and ceramics to realize his pieces.

Artist Statement
“References to historical periods and culturally stylized patterns are evident in my work. As these references would suggest, my focus highlights the marriage of form and function, where the tools used to create some pieces become works in and of themselves. My work tends to be dense with crisp lines demonstrating functionality and dedication to detail. Organic designs and forms, particularly those suggesting motion, dominate my woodworking and metal repoussé tools and inspire my sculptures as well. I utilize traditional techniques to create contemporary, animated designs.”